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15th March 2024

When should I review my will?

According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of inheritance challenges is rising. Legal rows over inheritances have risen 34% in five years, with… Read More >

1st March 2024

Significant departures to a longstanding Will

As our society ages, there are growing incidences of individuals making significant changes to their Wills later in life. English succession laws have a… Read More >

23rd February 2024

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that” – Copyright in the AI world

The expansion of AI raises some important questions particularly in relation to intellectual property; can a computer generated work be protected by copyright? Who… Read More >

15th February 2024

Should I make a Will?

According to recent research, around half of UK adults do not have a will. Reasons for not doing so include: the belief that they… Read More >

2nd February 2024

Government’s five‑point plan to cut net migration

To combat record levels of migration to the UK, the government has made tightening the country’s immigration rules a key priority. In December 2023,… Read More >

6th December 2023

Leasehold Reform.  Where are we up to?

What is a leasehold? A leasehold is a type of property ownership where an individual owns the right to use and occupy a property… Read More >

22nd November 2023

Property Guardians of the Galaxy: Unintentional HMOs

More often than not, a landlord of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) will know that it is being used as one where residential… Read More >

3rd November 2023

Social Media – The Good, The Bad, and the Unfair Dismissal

From the broad spectrum of Gary Lineker, a public figure, tweeting political views from his personal X (formerly known as Twitter) account, or an… Read More >

12th October 2023

Extension to Fixed Recoverable Costs in Civil Litigation

With the aim of providing more clarity and fairness in the legal process, the changes to the FRC regime affect a wide range of… Read More >

8th September 2023

Artificial Intelligence & Employment Law

Employers are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the workplace. However, while AI offers enhanced productivity, streamlined processes, and cost savings, it is… Read More >