Professional Services

Our expertise in our specialist field will empower you to deliver yours in an efficient, effective and legally compliant manner

Professional services is a broad church. Any business that offers expert, knowledge-based assistance to commercial and individual clients can be classed as a professional services company.

Accountants and lawyers are classic examples of people and companies offering professional services, but you could also include within this definition enterprises as disparate as architects, engineers, wealth managers, management consultants, business coaches and doctors.

Ultimately, what these businesses are selling is their expertise, rather than any tangible products. And it is essential that they comply with the stringent legal obligations and regulations governing their operations.

Underwood & Co has experience of working with professional services providers. We have been commissioned by clients who have welcomed the reassurance provided by our expert advice and assistance.

As a professional services company ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining high standards and complying with the regulations laid down by each profession.

We also go the extra mile by ensuring that the standards of customer service we deliver match the excellence of the legal advice we provide.

We have used Underwoods on multiple transactions over 15 years.  They are so good they make you want to have more problems to solve!  Unflappable, deeply knowledgeable, persistent, creative, good negotiators, thorough, fun to work with.  We have recommended Underwoods to many friends and colleagues, all of whom agree.”

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