Building an effective partnership with a legal expert lays the foundations for efficient operations in this heavily regulated sector

The UK’s construction industry is substantial, with about 300,000 businesses working in the sector. In 2019, the value of all the work carried out in the industry totalled more than £176billion.

It is essential that all firms engaged in the business of construction comply with the complex and stringent laws by which the industry is regulated.

Underwood & Co, with its extensive experience of this area of the law, is perfectly placed to work with a broad variety of professionals who may need advice over their compliance. Because it is not simply businesses concerned with the actual bricks and mortar of construction that need to be aware of the law as it applies to their activities.

Related professional services such as financial surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects, engineers and planners who are involved in construction can also, and indeed do, take advantage of our services.

Construction law in England and Wales actually covers a number of areas of law, including:

  • Contract law, which governs agreements between parties
  • Law of tort, covering civil wrongs
  • Breach of statutory duty, which covers failure to fulfil your obligations as stipulated by legislation
  • Law of restitution, concerning remedies over illicit gains
  • In short, any individual or business involved in construction needs a legal partner with the breadth of experience and knowledge of the legislation governing construction work to give them peace of mind as they proceed with their work.

When that partner is Underwood & Co, you can be sure you will get the benefit of our extensive expertise in construction law, as well as the high standards of personal service our clients have come to expect.

A major part of our business is being able to provide assurance to all our stakeholders that we are diligent and thorough in our legal processes when buying and selling development property. The team at Underwoods have consistently delivered exemplary legal guidance, thorough due diligence and a clear understanding of the legal protections our stakeholders require. We have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship, and will continue to instruct them on all our transactions now and in the future.”

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