Ensuring a smooth, informed process when your business needs help with any aspect of recruiting staff from outside the UK

The laws surrounding immigration to the UK are highly complex, and have changed significantly in recent years. One of the after-effects of Brexit was the introduction of a new immigration system and the end of free movement for citizens of the European Union between the EU and the UK.

However, many businesses based in London and elsewhere in the UK still have a need to recruit staff both from the EU and from non-EEA countries.

The immigration team at Underwood & Co is highly experienced in the application of the law in this area, including the post-Brexit changes and the impact they have had on the process of bringing personnel to the UK.

At Underwood & Co, we pride ourselves on treating every client and every case purely on its own merits. We appreciate that no two sets of circumstances are the same, and spend time understanding your situation so that we can tailor our advice to suit your particular needs.

As well as advising and working with you to navigate the best way through the system, we can also help when you have employees whose visas are about to expire.

If your business has inadvertently employed somebody illegally, we can help you to extricate yourself from the situation as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Our extensive knowledge of immigration law means we are also able to arrange work permits – and to utilise any fast-tracking procedures agreed by the Home Office.

As well as working in the commercial sphere, we are able to assist with personal and family applications, plus procedures for overseas students keen to study in the UK.