Property Finance

Insightful, lucid and consistent legal advice when you need assistance with the financial side of any property transaction – bolstering your confidence and bringing you peace of mind

Property can be an extremely lucrative area for various types of business – but it is essential that all the legal arrangements around funding and security are organised efficiently.

We have in-depth knowledge of the legal nuances of corporate finance, from financing assets or debts to managing family succession, from the challenge of mergers and acquisitions to the excitement of welcoming shareholders. We have extensive expertise in commercial lending to business and investors in a variety of sectors.

Our clients operate in fields as diverse as hospitality and healthcare, while we also carry out work on behalf of lenders, borrowers, developers and investors.

The areas we can assist in include acquisition finance, secured lending, structured finance, project finance, asset finance and restructuring.

When you work with Underwood & Co, you can do so with complete peace of mind that we have the expertise and insight to cope with your specific requirements.

Our property finance team will collaborate closely with you on all the details of any property transaction – and we understand how essential it is to deliver a successful conclusion to every deal.

Whether you have a single site or a complex portfolio of property, we have the expertise at our disposal to ensure the outcome that works best for you.

Some examples of our experience in Property Finance

  • The firm advised on a £5.8 million share purchase of a BVI company to acquire residential property in Regents Park.
  • The firm acted in respect of an £50 million refinance of a major premier hotel group following the challenges faced by Covid 19.
  • The firm acted on the refinance of a Luxury London Flagship Hotel for £120 million.
  • The firm acted on the acquisition of a Hotel for £16 million.
  • The firm acted in the refinance of 6 care homes £42 million (situated over the country).
  • Advising an agent on duty of care agreement for a property worth circa £100 million involving complex structures and foreign investment.

The Underwoods team have been by our side over many years providing excellent legal services for our business and our clients. The assurance we enjoy in having attentive legal advisers guiding and providing us with clear and precise legal advice has proved to be a significant benefit to our business and reliable assurance for our clients. We would highly recommend Underwoods to anyone in the property and built environment sector seeking a robust but practical legal service which is always relationship driven.”

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