Employment is one of the most heavily regulated aspects of the UK economy.

Organisations found to be in breach of regulations can face severe penalties, which can be ruinous. For example there is currently no limit to the compensation which can be awarded for discrimination. We work with both employers and employees to help clarify rights and ensure that rules are abided by and where not we help you to assert those rights and rules.

Our preferred approach is to draw on our wealth of experience in this area to ensure that our clients are well informed and prepared to deal with any problems in advance. We take a pro-active approach to working with businesses to enable us to implement preventative measures.

In cases where problems cannot be avoided we have tried and tested strategies to minimise impact and resolve issues as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Additionally we are able to draw up employment and compensation packages for senior employees and can help to guard against breaches of confidentiality or cases of unfair competition.

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Employment law is a complex and constantly evolving field of law, despite the complexities we pride ourselves on giving straightforward advice and providing our clients with practical solutions on the full range of contentious and non-contentious workplace issues.