Employment Tribunals


Employment Tribunals


These claims are dealt with by the employment department, Victoria Morris and Elena Kadelburger, work under the supervision of a partner, Michael McDonnell.


Work is carried out on an hourly rate basis and from £215 to £340 per hour plus VAT.  These fees are for our legal fees only they not include any third party costs (such as barrister’s fees) or disbursements


Work carried out by us may include:


  • Taking your instructions, reviewing documentation and giving preliminary advice.


  • Preparing any initial correspondence that may be necessary or desired.


  • Liaising with ACAS on your behalf in respect of any pre claim conciliation (and in respect of any on-going negotiations if a claim is issued).


  • Negotiating and agreeing any settlement agreement (fixed fees may be agreed)


  • Advising, preparing and issuing claim or response at the Employment Tribunal.


  • Representing you at Tribunal Hearings or instructing a barrister to do so (depending on the circumstances)


Taking steps to enforce judgments in your favour in conjunction with our dispute resolution/debt recovery team where necessary.